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neptune_debate's Journal

Neptune Debates
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This community is a place for you to discuss ideas and debate about the television show Veronica Mars. We're part of vmshipchallenge so be sure to check that community out as well. Anyone can post a topic of discussion and any member can reply and discuss their opinion. So Enjoy and remember to join


1)Don't be rude it's ok to debate or disagree with another members point of view, but you can state your point with out sounding rude or mean. This community is welcome to all opinions.
2)Put all spoilers under a cut. Some people aren't completely caught up with both seasons so it's unfair to spoil episodes for them. So be considerate and warn people about your post.
3)We've mad tags to help everyone find what they're looking for, please use them
4)Please try not to use extremely bad language, it is ok to swear the odd time, but try not to be crude.
5)Use proper English, please don't use chat speak, that means U dOn'T TaLk LykE DiS. Most people find this very annoying
6)Stay active! This community is made for people to post their idea's and thoughts and for people to reply with their own views and opinions. We're not saying that you have to reply to every single post, and that you have to post a lot, but stay active, otherwise there isn't really a point to joining.
7)Keep all topics VM related, We will delete all non-related topics.
8)And finally enjoy this community and feel free to speak your mind =]

Posting and Commenting

Posting is open to all members. I will create tags for you to use to make it easier to find Basically all you have to do is post with you comment or idea of anything that is related to Veronica Mars. Then people will comment back to you with their opinions.


To make this community more fun and active help us become more active! put some of these banners on your user info page:


Idea taken from vm_debate